Letterview has features that gets your content, product or service viral quickly, and also gets you connected with subscribers, every time you publish new content.

Clean and viral content

Every content in Letterview has clean Medium-like layout and only shows first 400 character initially. This is the most important thing — Every visitor must share that content on Facebook to open full content. This way, your content has a great chance to get viral quickly across Facebook.

This feature alone makes Letterview great digital marketing tool for you & it's free regardless of how many your subscribers are.

Clean text editor

In Letterview, you are able to create nice looking and clean content in Letterview. Our text editor is created similar with Medium. Our text editor provides similar text formatting and plus button to create beautiful content.

If you are familiar with Medium text editor, you are able to write in Letterview.

Free email notification

Every time you publish a content, Letterview will automatically sends email notification to subscribers for free, regardless of how much your subscribers are.

Email notification shows:

  • Content title.
  • First 250 character of the content. 
  • Green button to access full content.
Email notification is only sent once — at the first time you publish a content. Editing and (re)publishing it doesn't make it send another email notification.

Subscribe bar

Every published content are equipped with subscribe bar at the bottom side that allows visitors to easily subscribe to its writer. If you write interesting content, people will surely subscribe to you.

Subscribers importer tool

By visiting your profile, you could invite your contacts to be your subscribers by uploading CSV files containing their email addresses. Currently, Letterview only support Gmail and Outlook format of CSV.