If you are new in Letterview, you may need to read these baby steps to figure out what you are able to do here.

1. Create your account

You are able to create account in Letterview with Facebook or Google. Sign in with one of them and your account is instantly created.

1.1 Complete your profile

To complete your profile, click on your profile picture at top right, then click on Account Settings. Fill in these part — first name, last name, biography and profile picture/avatar.

1.2 Invite subscribers before writing

At first, you have no subscribers in Letterview. You are able to invite your subscribers by uploading CSV file containing their email address. Currently, Letterview only support Gmail and Outlook format of CSV.

1.3 Share your profile

Alternatively, you may share your profile from timeline page. To access it, click on your profile picture at top right, click on view timeline. Click on share your profile button at the center to get subscribers from your social media accounts.

2. Write a content

To start creating content, you must sign in with Facebook or Google. The write button should be visible here:

  • Click on the upper left hamburger menu, at the second of the top left.
  • At the top center or Letterview homepage.
  • At the end of every content, below sharing buttons.

Our text editor is created similar with Medium. If you are familiar with Medium text editor, you are able to write easily in Letterview.

2.1 Title image and post tags

Title image and post tags are optional part, but we recommend you to fill in those parts for better content quality. You can't change title image once conentpublished.

2.2 Title and content

Write appealing — but not misleading title and at least 300 character of content. You can't change title once newsletter published.

2.3 Text formatting

Highlight any text in content area (desktop only) to enable Medium style text formatting. There are 7 text formatting type available: bold, italic, underline, insert link, H1, H2, bulleted list and numbered list.

2.4 Plus button

When you click on content section, plus button will appear at the left side. You may use that button to add images, ember links or embed video.

2.5 Invite subscribers

This button redirects you to timeline page, where you can invite your subscribers.

2.6 Ask visitor to subscribe you!

Why not? You are free to ask everybody to subscribe to you. It's free regardless of how much your subscribers are.

3. Publish your content

When you publish a content, Letterview will send short email notification to your subscribers for free. Email notification shows:

  • Content title.
  • First 250 character of the content.
  • Green button to access full content.
Email notification is only sent once — at the first time you publish content. Editing and (re)publishing it doesn't make it send another email notification.

4. Promote your content

You want to promote your business, right?

Even though your contents have great chance of getting viral across Facebook, it is still recommended to share your content to Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, and every social media accounts you have.

Write interesting contents to grant you great chances of getting more subscribers every time you publish a content.

If your subscribers find that your contents are interesting, they will share it and you get more subscribers from your existing subscribers!