Letterview is a free place to promote your business and get it viral quickly across Facebook. It's simple — you just have to create a promotion article in Letterview and share it to your Facebook account.

See example here: English | Bahasa.

Note that everyone can subscribe to you for free — by email. It means, every time you publish new promotion content, all of your subscriber will be notified via email and you will get free traffic.

Please read these following things before using Letterview:

Letterview is a great place to get your content, product or service viral quickly. It's free, so try using it before your competitor do!

How does Letterview work?

How to start promoting your business: Post a content about your business and share it to Facebook (or use FB ads), it'll go viral soon after. It's very simple!

At first, Letterview seems similar with other blog platform. The main difference is that reading content in Letterview requires visitors to share on Facebook to open full content. Visitors must connect their Facebook to read full content in Letterview.

Content is potentially viral

By default, every content in Letterview only shows first 400 character. To show full content, visitors must share it on Facebook by simply clicking on the blue share button.

This way, every content published in Letterview has a great chance to get viral quickly across Facebook. Letterview creates a win-win solution between content publishers who want to promote their business and visitors who want to read their contents.

Free email subscription tool

Letterview also provides free email subscription to enable visitors to subscribe to you. Every time you publish a content, your subscribers will get email notification — and you get free traffic from your subscribers.

Unlike others, it's free regardless of how many your subcribers are. Use this tool to gather your email database for free. Letterview isn't going to charge you for getting subscribers.

Why we create Letterview

Facebook is still the largest social media website with around 1.6 billion active users (in 2016). It's larger than any country in this world including China and India. By using Letterview as your marketing tool, you are able to reach lots of Facebook users in this world.

Letterview is created to combine social media marketing with email marketing effectively without having to spend any cost. Letterview ia equipped with free subscription bar for every user.

Letterview is a free tool for everyone. You may use Letterview as your free digital marketing tool to promote your business or even your own personal branding.

We want to create a useful content publisher that is useful to everyone who want to promote content, product or service quickly.

Letterview is still beta

We are still in public beta phase. Even though we have created important features in Letterview, we are still testing everything to fix any bug inside. We accept your feedback via this page or send us email to feedback@letterview.com.