These are some of FAQ that you probably want to ask. If you don't have answers here, contact us at


What's Letterview?

Letterview is a place to promote your business and get it viral quickly across Facebook. Read more about Letterview here.

Blue share button

What's that blue share button?

It's a button to unlock full content in Letterview. You just have to connect your Facebook with Letterview (it takes no more than 30 seconds) to be able to read other's content.

Why do I have to click on share button to read other's content?

This is the way we created Letterview to get everyone promoted easily. If you are interested in reading other's content, you just need to click on that button. Clicking on share button benefits you and the author.


How do I create account in Letterview?

Sign in with Facebook or Google. Seconds later, you will be able to create content in Letterview.

How do I write at Letterview?

To start creating content, you must sign in with Facebook or Google. The write button should be visible here:

  • Click on the upper left hamburger menu, at the second of the top left.
  • At the top center or Letterview homepage.
  • At the end of every content, below sharing buttons.

Do I have to fill title image and post tags?

Title image and post tags are optional part, but we recommend you to fill in those parts for better content quality.

How can I use text formatting?

Highlight any text in content area (desktop only) to enable Medium style text formatting. There are 7 text formatting type available: bold, italic, underline, insert link, H1, H2, bulleted list and numbered list.

What's plus button on the left side? 

When you click on content section, plus button will appear at the left side. You may use that button to add images, ember links or embed video.

What's invite subscribers on the top right?

Click it to access your timeline page. You are able to invite thousands of your subscribers by uploading CSV file containing their email (currently only support Gmail and Outlook format. Soon after, Letterview will automatically send invitation to all email.


Can I invite subscribers?

Yes, in a form of invitation. By uploading CSV file containing your subscribers, Letterview will automatically send invitation email. Those who click on confirmation button will be your subscribers in Letterview.

Alternatively, you may share your profile from timeline page. To access it, click on your profile picture at top right, click on view timeline. Click on share your profile button to get subscribers via social media websites.

Can I export my subscribers' email?

Currently no, but it's possible in the future.